Teachers and students participating in the Fourteenth National Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology and Clinical Symposium [source ]:宣传办公室 [the author]: [date ]:2015-05-07 [ access ]:8793

On April 24th to 27th in 2015,“The medical FrontForum in 2015 and the Fourteenth National Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology and Clinical Symposium”was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Provinceby Division of Tumor Pharmacology,Chinese Pharmacological Society. Professor Ding Jian from Shanghai Institute of MateriaMedica,Professor Zhen Yongsu from Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,ProfessorTamasOrdogfrom Mayo Medical Center USA and seven other famous experts were invited for the meeting and had given reports which fully reflected today's cancer foundational research,new drug developments and clinical research. The number of participants in the meeting was up to more than 500 people, and this is an academic event of cancer pharmacology and chemotherapy community.


Teachers and students fromInstitute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Pharmaceutical Sciencesparticipated in the meeting. Professor Yang Bo was invited to give a report called "Mechanism of action mediated Slug c-Met activation in a non-classical drug resistance in ovarian cancer". And she also presided over the afternoon in the Second venue on April 25th. In addition, our pharmacology graduate students including Shao Jinjin, Liang Guikai and Xu Zhifei were invited for oral reports respectivelyin the three sub-venues, and received awards as Excellent Papers.


By participating in this conference, teachers and students learned about the latest developments in all areas ofthe foundational cancer research, drug development, clinical treatment, and had opportunities to learn and exchange experiencewithexperts and peer from home and abroad.


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