Professor Wei-Xing Shi from Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy Visited CPS [source ]:宣传办公室 [the author]: [date ]:2014-04-21 [ access ]:18378

April 21, 2014, Prof. Wei-Xing Shi from School of Pharmacy, Loma Linda University arrived for a visit at the invitation of CPS, ZJU.


Prof. Bo Yang, Executive Dean of CPS; Dr. Xiao’e Lou, Secretary of Communist Party, Vice Dean of CPS; Prof. Shu-Qing Chen; Prof. Feng Han, met with the guest and held cordial talks on the intention of cooperation and exchange in academic research, undergraduate students exchange, etc. Prof. Wei-Xing Shi briefly introduced his research and had a discussion with our teachers and students in the afternoon.



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