Gifu Pharmaceutical University Delegation Visited CPS [source ]:宣传办公室 [the author]: [date ]:2012-11-27 [ access ]:32620

A delegation from Gifu Pharmaceutical University arrived for a four day visit on Wednesday, 14th Nov. at the invitation of CPS, ZJU. The delegation was led by Prof. Adachi Tetsuo from Lab. of Clinical Pharmaceutics, and also included Professor Nishio Yuri, from English Laboratory; Associate Professor Shimazawa Masamitsu, from Molecular Pharmacology, Department of Biofunctional Evaluation.


During this visit,Prof. Adachi Tetsuo and Prof. Shimazawa Masamitsu were invited to give lectures, which were titled “Induction of retinal endothelial permeability is implicated in diabetic retinopathy” and “Degeneration in the visual pathway accompanying retinal and optic nerve injuries and its therapeutic strategy” respectively. The delegates were also invited to go to the labs in CPS and showed great interest in our research projects.


Prof. Chen Zhong, Dean of CPS; Dr. Lou Xiao’e, Secretary of Communist Party, Vice Dean of CPS; Prof. Yang Bo, Vice Dean of CPS; Prof. Han Feng, Vice Director of Institute of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biochemical Pharmaceuticsand some other professors in CPS met with the delegates to discuss about strengthen cooperation on students exchange and joint research program in certain fields.


It is the 28th years since the cooperation agreement between Gifu Pharmaceutical University and CPS has been signed. 




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