A academic report of Prof. Feng Liu from UNC [source ]: [the author]: [date ]:2012-07-06 [ access ]:33133

Title:     Research Quality and Quantity VS H-index

Reporter:  Prof. Feng Liu

          University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Prof. Feng Liu is principally engaged in the study of non-viral gene carriers and nano drug delivery systems, has published 47 SCI papers, the highest citations per paper reaches 1040, the total citations exceeds 3000 (Google search). His H-index is 24 (Google Search). The average impact factor of the journals which published his articles is 5.586. In the past five years, he undertakes seven the U.S. NIH Science Foundation Project (PI and Co-PI), the total funds reach 6.63 million. In2004, he won the NIH Career Development Award. The applicant was invited to the 2011 annual National Science Foundation of the field of medical science "Youths, General, Regional and Key program" as an evaluation expert.


Date:   July13, 2012 (Friday)

Time:   9:30a.m.

Place:   Room 254, the College of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhejiang University.



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