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    The Institute of Modern Chinese Medicine, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University was established in 2005. The institute currently has four divisions, Plant Resources & Phytochemistry, TCM Analysis & Metabolism, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacodynamics and drug development, with 9 faculty and staff members. The Institute hosts a doctoral program in Pharmaceutical Analysis and two master programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  It also owns two Province Key Disciplines in Chinese Medicinal Chemistry and Chinese Medicinal Analysis.
     The Institute is dedicated to basic and applied research on TCM and excellent and comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education. The Institute has received many grand supports from various foundations including National Key Technology R&D Program and National Natural Science Foundation and won numerous awards for excellent researches at national and provincial levels including Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress.
     You are very welcome to apply for the open positions for postdoctoral training and visiting scholar.
Professor Yong-Jiang Wu, Ph.D. Executive Director (86-571-88208455,
Associate Professor Chang-Xin Zhou, Ph.D. Deputy Director (86-571-88208457,
The major research interests of the faculty in the Institute include:
1.      Plant Resources and Phytochemistry
2.      Evaluation and Quality Control of TCM
3.      Drug Metabolism of TCM
4.      Pharmacodynamics and Drug Development
5.      Pharmaceutical Engineering of TCM

Faculty & Staff
Yong-Jiang Wu Ph.D., Xiao-Yuan Lian Ph. D.
Associate Professors: Chang-Xin Zhou Ph.D., Xue-Song Liu Ph.D., Lian-Jun Luan M.S., Yong Chen Ph.D., Long-Hu Wang Ph.D., Juan-Hua Xu M.S., Li-She Gan Ph.D.
Instructors: Yan Chen Ph.D.,Xin Liu Ph.D.
Technician: Jin-Yao Yin M.S.

Contact us
Institute of Modern Chinese Medicine, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zi-Jin-Gang Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, P. R. China.

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