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Currently, the college has Ph.D programs in primary subjects in pharmacy, four Ph.D programs in secondary subjects and mobile programs for post-doctors. We have maintained long-term international cooperation and exchange relations with the pharmaceutical colleges in United States, Japan, France, Canada, and other countries. Moreover, in 2004, a Zhejiang University-Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris (ENS Paris) joint laboratory was founded at our college, which created good conditions for students to enlarge vision and develop communions. In recent years, we have about 40% of the graduates to study abroad and continue to pursue masters or doctorates. Our graduates face a very wide employment, which may go to work in the national government agencies, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical testing and supervision departments, hospitals and so on. With strong adaptability and high integrated diathesis, the graduates were widely welcomed by employers.

 Pharmacy  To train multiplex high-quality medicinal professionals with solid foundation, broad knowledge and innovation, who are able to engage in research of chemical drugs, biotechnological drugs and natural products, pharmaceutical education, drugs quality control, clinical pharmacology, medical marketing, pharmaceutical enterprise management and other aspects of work.

Pharmaceutics  To develop with international vision, high-level, innovative pharmaceutic experts, focusing on make students with capacities of scientific research and development evaluation in the areas such as the design of new drug type, the preparation of the drug type, and its production management, process design, technological development and quality evaluation.

Chinese Medicine  Cultivating multiplex Chinese Medicine technological person with international vision and innovative spirit, who should be competent in the work of research and development, quality evaluation of new modern Chinese medicine, new type of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine engineering work.


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