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      The Pharmaceutical Informatics Institute (PII) of Zhejiang University was founded in 2000 as the Pharmaceutical Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University. At present, about 20 staffs are employed by PII for education and research purposes, including 2 full professors and 5 associate professors. PII provides M.A.Sc. program and Ph.D. program for students and others to obtain hands-on laboratory experience by working with experienced scientific researchers in the area of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Modern Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine and etc. Every year, over 10 Ph.D. students and about 15 master students are admitted by PII. Moreover, PII also provides postdoctoral research program.
      PII has become a multi-discipline research and development centre for pharmaceutical sciences in China. Over ten national R & D projects are carried out in PII every year. The projects are awarded by the government as well as the industry. PII has not only long-term collaborations with many famous Chinese universities/institutes such Tianjin University of TCM, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, but also has close collaborations with US. FDA, EPA, and so on.
      The Institute conducts research through the dedicated efforts of staff in three divisions i.e. Drug Design and Development Division, ADME/Tox Research Division and Industrial Pharmacy Division. The major research fields of these divisions include:
   1.      Drug Discovery from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs
   2.      Multi-components Drug Design and Development
   3.      Pharmaceutical Informatics and Chemometrics
   4.      Systems Toxicology and Safety Evaluation for Drugs
   5.      PK/PD Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine
   6.      Process Analysis and Control in Pharmaceutical Production
   7.      Novel Techniques in Pharmaceutical Analysis

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