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      The Institute of Pharmaceutical Education is established based on Pharmaceutics discipline. It has achieved predominant development and becomes a scientific research center for Drug Preparations and Pharmaceutical Engineering. Also it takes the responsibility to cultivate senior special persons in pharmaceutics. Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council approved Master's Degree program in 1991 and Doctor’s degree program in 2004. Now the Institute has 11 faculties including 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 1 lecturer. The members serve as National Drug Research Institute review committee experts, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Pharmaceutical Professional Committee, associate editor or editor of "Pharmaceutical Journal", "Journal of Chinese Medicine", "Modern Applied Pharmacy," "Journal of Pediatric Medicine" and other academic journals, and two were selected in “Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project”. The Institute is currently equipped with modern instruments reaching the price of over 1 million dollars.
      The institute has gained fruitful achievement in basic scientific research, innovative technology research, and industrial development. In recent years, we have undertaken a total of 28 research projects, including 23 projects of chairing the National Natural Science Fund, 2 projects of the National 863 Program, 1 sub-project of the National 973 Program; 35 provincial and ministerial-level subjects; got 15 National Drug Certificate;. gained 13 national patent; published 300 papers, including 150 SCI papers. We have also published 3 scientific books and teaching materials and co-edited 10 books.
Executive Director: Liyan Qiu Professor
Vice Director: Jianqing Gao, Associate Professor, Hong-Yuan, Associate Professor
Research Areas
1. Sustained and controlled drug release preparations
    Oral osmotic pump tablet for water insoluble drug
    Oral or injectable microsphere for biological macromolecular drug
    Oral solid lipid microparticles
    Transdermal drug delivery systems
2. Nanoscale drug delivery systems
      Oral self-emulsifying systems and solid lipid nanoparticles to enhance drug bioavailability or 
           lymphatic targeting
    Liposomes and nanoemulsion based injection for drug targeted delivery
    Nanoparticles derived from novel amphiphilic polymers (polyphosphazenes, chitosan or 
          cyclodextrin derivatives) for drug targeted delivery
    Nonviral gene transfection system
3. Molecular biopharmaceutical research
Professors: Wenquan Liang, Dr. Yi Jin, Dr. Fuqiang Hu, Dr. Liyan Qiu,
                   Dr. Longxiao Liu
Associate Professors: Dr. Jianqing Gao, Dr. Yongzhong Du, Dr. Hong Yuan, Dr. Xiaohong Wei
Lecture: Dr. Min Han
Contact us
Institute of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Zi-Jin-Gang Campus, Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310058 P. R. China

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