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      The Institute of Material Medica is a component of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University. Currently, the Institute offers Ph.D./M.S. Degree in Medicinal Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Analysis. Our research areas focus on the medicinal chemistry, medicinal combination chemistry, mechanistic drug metabolism and toxicology, chiral pharmaceutical analysis and bioanalytical chemistry. The Institute also opens the positions for postdoctoral training and visiting scholars.
Yong-Ping YU, Ph.D., Director (86-571-88208452,
Hui-Di JIANG, Ph.D., Vice Director (86-571-88208408,
Rong sheng, Ph.D. Vice Director (86-571-88208458,
Research activities of Institute faculty include studies on;
1.        Discovery Natural Active substances and Lead Compounds;
2.        Design, Synthesis and Structure Modification of Drug;
3.        Establishment and Screen of Combination Compound Base;
4.        SAR and Interaction between Drug and Target;
5.        Computer-aided drug design and virtual screening;
6.        Establishing authoritative drug standards; Qualification of impurities in new drug substances;
           Stability testing of new drug substances and product;
7.        Study on drug metabolism in animals, preclinical pharmacokinetics and bioavailability.
8.        Research & development of traditional Chinese medicine and new drugs;
9.        Separation and determination of chiral drug enantiomers;
10.     Study on drug absorption and transport, induction and inhibition of drug metabolizing
          enzyme,drug protein binding, metabolic drug interaction, chemical structure of drug 
Faculty & Staff
Professor Yong-Ping YU Ph.D.,Hui-Di JIANG Ph.D.Su ZENG Ph.D., Yong-Zhou HU Ph.D., Yu ZHAO Ph.D.,Stoeckigt Ph.D., Jianzhong Chen Ph.D., Jianhua Qi Ph.D.
Associate Professor Cheng ZHANG Ph.D.,Guo-Lin ZHANG Ph.D., Sheng RONG Ph.D.,Tao LIU Ph.D.,Lu-Shan YU Ph.D.
Instructor:Hongbin Zou Ph.D.
Contact Us
Institute of Medica Material, Zi-Jin-Gang Campus, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang   P. R. China  310058

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